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Our Process

To ensure we produce a consistently high quality espresso product every time we only use organic based coffee beans and milk that we trust and know can deliver what we and our clients expect. We are also conscious of reducing our impact on the environment so only use cups, lids and straws that are plant based and eco-friendly.


fair trade organic coffee beans

We have found the Stag blend of coffee reflects the simple relationship between clean acidity and full bodied goodness. This roast profile celebrates the love affair between coffee and milk; always balanced, with notes of walnut, brown sugar and chocolate.

Certified Fair Trade Organic

Body: Medium, Full bodied

Aroma: Sweet, nutty aroma

barista organic milk

We only use the Barista organic range of milks as they have been developed to perform all year round regardless of season, meaning that our customers can depend on our milk to be creamy, smooth and delicious every time.


Heats & stretches beautifully

Unique blend of protein & fat levels to provide a creamy finish

organic barista milk
Eco-friendly BiopakPak

Eco-friendly products

The products we use are made from renewable sustainable sourced materials that are non-toxic throughout their life-cycle. They are certified carbon neutral and after use, can be either recycled, commercially and/or home composted. This allows our customers to enjoy their coffee, without any negative impact on the environment.

Certified commercially compostable

Certified carbon neutral

Commercially compostable bioplastic made from plants, not oil